TINT's D&D Stuff

Ayvee Console Log


“Ayvee, Silence outbound comms.”

Comms silenced, Leon

“Ayvee, record as text.”

File Name?

“In case of death.”

Taking Dictation

No input detected. Continue dictation?

Heavy Sigh


Taking Dictation

“To whoever finds this message, my name is Leon Scott. I am currently aboard a derelict colony ship in confederate space, named the Sage Bernal. After a brief survey of the interior, a shipmate re-activated the onboard generators, accidentally dislodging our grappled ship, which reported intrusion by non-human elements. The colony ship has accelerated to unsafe speeds, and I see no real means of slowing it”

“The remainder of this message, along with any of my surviving effects, should go to my mother at ellen.scott.0412@cit.winchester”

“If you’re reading this mom, all I can say is I wish you didn’t have to. I told you I’d come back and help you finish the farm one day, and I’d give anything not to break that promise. For what it’s worth, I’ve got enough cash saved up that you can do something nice with the place. Don’t let dad touch it, I had you marked down on all my accounts. You’ll need to look around for it, it’s a bit spread out.”

“Ayvee, attach all linked addresses to this file.”

Attaching the following addresses:

  • leon.scott.4437@mil.cfs
  • chris.redfield.0750@cit.procyon
  • albert.wesker.1458@pol.maverick
  • brad.vickers.0810@cit.diana
  • william.coen.2502@cit.eshman

“That should be all of them. Do me a favor and let Bright and Evvie know what happened. I left things bad with them, but they deserve to know.”

No input detected. Continue dictation?

“Ayvee, disable that check”

Timeout checks disabled.
Taking dictation.

“Goodbye, mom.”


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