Thalian Ald

A betrayed mercenary captain looking to avenge his fallen comrades...


Male Elf Fighter
Level 1, 770 XP
131 years old, 5’2" tall, 107 lbs, Ambidextrous

Str16.11Hit: +2Damage: +4Encumbered: 97Max: 195OD: 10BB/LG: 11%
Dex18.17Defense: -4Reaction: +4Ranged Hit: +4
Con14.23HP Adjust: +2System Shock: 88%Res. Survival: 92%Immune: -40%
Int12.11Languages: 3Learning: 50%
Wis12.21Imp. Skill: 5%
Cha16.04Sidekicks: 8Loyalty: +4Reaction: +5Com: +2
Com12.39S/G: 13.39
Combat Stats

Longsword-4 3/2 +5 / +6 d6/d8/d12 MeleeSpecialized, Sword Bonus x2
Longbow (Sheaf) - 2 +4/- d8/d8/d8 50/100/170Non-Proficient, Bow Bonus
Knife (Melee)-7 1 +1 / +4 d6-1/d6-2/d6-4 MeleeNon-Proficient
Knife (Thrown) 2 +3 / +4 d6-1/d6-2/d6-4 10/20/30Non-Proficient
Reg. ACCurrent ACMax HPCurrent HPArmor HpCurrent AHP

AC Bonuses – Hide 6, Dex -4, Acrobatic -1


Alcoholic, Animal Phobia: Cats, Hackfrenzy, Inappropriate Sense of Humor, Enmity: Gnomelings, Psychotic Aversions: Greater Bugbear and Yeth Hound

Talents and Abilities

Sword Bonus x2 (Elf, Fighter Priors), Bow Bonus (Elf), Acrobatic, Acute Alertness, Blind Fighting, Endurance, Less Sleep, -1 Non-Proficiency Penalty (Fighter Priors), Detect Secret Doors (Elf)


Group: Medium Blades, Longsword, Advanced Two-Weapon Fighting

SkillStat & DieMastery
Animal LoreInt, d1022
Armor MaintenanceAutomatic100
Armor Repair: BasicInt & Dex, d1033
Basic LeadershipCha & Wis, d522
Campaign LogisticsInt, d621
Construction: Defense WorksStr, Dex, & Wis, d619
Construction: Hasty Defense WorksStr, Dex, & Wis, d1022
Construction: Siege WorksStr, Dex, & Wis, d420
EnduranceWis & Con, d620
Establish Ambush ZoneWis, d626
General Maintenance & UpkeepAutomatic100
HeraldryInt, d643
Language: CommonAutomatic100
Reading & Writing: CommonInt, d625
Language: ProvniInt, d1056
Reading & Writing: ProvniInt, d620
Military HistoryInt, d1231
Military: Battle SenseInt & Wis, d417
Shaving & GroomingAutomatic100
Weapon MaintenanceAutomatic100
Woodland LoreInt & Wis, d816
Worn Items

Hide Armor, Longsword x2 (Left Hip, Left Shoulder), Longbow & Quiver (Right Shoulder), Flaskolier, Large Belt Pouch x2 (Back), Small Belt Pouch x4 (Right Hip)

Gear Carried; Interesting

Sheaf Arrows x30 (Q), Flask of Dead Viking Ale x3 (F), Flask of Mead x3 (F), Knife x3 (F)

Gear Carried; Mundane

Armor Repair Kit: Hide, Flint and Steel (SP1), Whetstone(SP1), 6′×12′ Canvas Sheet(LP1), Piton x12 (SP2), 25ft Hemp Rope(LP2), 5 lbs. Fruit Preserves (SP3), Small Sack x5(SP4), 10 copper, 12 trade coins (SP4)

Other Possessions

Light Warhorse
5 lbs. Fruit Preserves, 12 lbs. Salted Fish, Winter Blanket x2, 25ft Hemp Rope, Small Sack x5,
Inherited Broadsword, Leather Armor & Helmet, and Deed to medium-sized parcel of land in <village>, <territory>, <country>

Youth and Training

Born in the depths of a week-long Freta blizzard, Thalian’s mother often told him that he was as stubborn as the storm had been. Raised by the merchants Content Not Found: taendor-and-leira-ald_ alongside his sister, _Content Not Found: mira-ald, he spent much of his youth tackling difficult subjects and attempting impossible tasks, simply because his elders had told him such things were beyond him. Fascinated with the warrior traditions, and out of a deep seated desire to avoid being left with his aunt and her vicious elven cats when his parents were away on business, Thalian spent many hours reading and listening to the tales told by his grandfather of the great Ald warriors, and tried to model himself after them in every way he could.

Still in the grip of this fascination, Thalian used every last one of his father’s business connections to get himself into training with the Ravsten chapter of the Provni High Guard. During his infantry training he was often teased or dismissed by his human comrades because of his small size and elven nature. Determined to prove himself, Thalian worked a more aggressive training regimen than any of the men on base, running for miles early every morning, taking extra night watches (getting almost no sleep in the process), even learning to fight while blindfolded. By the time he graduated, no one had teased him in months, and he was among the elite few selected for duty as bodyguards to Content Not Found: ander-gautriksson.


Jarlsson Ander not being a sedentary individual, Thalian got to see most of Ravsten while working in his personal guard, and occasionally got to venture into other provinces when Ander made visits in his father’s stead. Ander’s personal combat trainer, Content Not Found: mikkel-dintare, was an expert with a longsword, and helped Thalian with special training in his spare time. Thalian found himself for the first time making fast friends with his comrades, the product of being surrounded by people who were neither dismissive of or intimidated by his abilities.

During his seventh year of service with the guard, a previously unknown group of Goblins attacked the town of Hjornan’s Keep, coming from tunnels dug from under the nearby Omurga Mountains. Content Not Found: jarl-gautrik-einarsson sent Ander to deal with the threat personally, and his guard wound up spearheading many of the operations that broke the goblin’s hold on the area. In one of these actions, Thalian was seriously wounded when his patrol was trapped between two greater bugbears while trying to collapse a section of the goblin’s main tunnel. While he was recovering, one of the construction foremen was killed, and Thalian was assigned to act as his replacement until he was deemed fit for combat by the medics. Thalian resumed his place in the guard for the final push into the goblin camp. Accompanying Ander all the way to the chieftain’s tent, the guard held off all who tried to interfere while he and the goblin general fought.


After his ten year tour was finished, Thalian was unsure what to do with himself. He briefly contemplated a second tour, but ultimately decided that military service lacked the freedom and potential for glory that had driven him from youth. It was Mikkel who ultimately gave him an answer one day when he mentioned his time as a mercenary, and Thalian quickly began contacting old friends and possible investors. Less than three months later, financed by several of his father’s business connections, Thalian formed the Ald Warriors. For three years, the group enjoyed a high level of success, partially due to the atypical mix of fighters Thalian maintained and his charismatic leadership, partially due to his use of his connections to obtain work guarding visiting nobles and high-profile citizens. During this time, Thalian developed a romantic relationship with Content Not Found: erephi-meon, who led his archers.

Shortly after the group’s third anniversary, they were contracted to eradicate a group of orcs who had taken over a village. The contract was a setup, and the village an ambush. The Ald Warriors were almost completely eradicated, and of the few survivors, Thalian himself was the only one to escape without permanent injury. Wracked with guilt over his inability to recognize the ambush or save his troops, Thalian devoted himself solely to rooting out those who had a hand in creating the ambush, but quickly discovered that his stiff military demeanor and uncompromising nature did not benefit him in the shady realm of information brokers and thief gangs. Forced to use expensive go-betweens and private detectives, he burned through almost all of his available money. With his leads beginning to dry up and starvation on the horizon, Thalian began once again looking for work as a mercenary.

Thalian Ald

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